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The History of Mad Horse Transport

Several years ago I had a conversation with a fellow horsey friend in regards to my stubborn mare who would not load – you’d think at 19 years old she would know better! A suggestion was made to go for some training for both of us to solve the issue. After a few enquiries, I spent a weekend learning groundwork techniques to deal with issues such as napping (although I found myself very cack-handed with it in the beginning!).

My mare responded positively and I spent the next couple of years improving my technique and my mare loaded with no further issues, every time, which meant I could start attending local shows. With my passion of horses and finding new confidence in dealing with horses on the yard I decided to start up my business idea of transporting horses as a career – and so Mad Horse Transport was born.

To this day I use the same basic technique to deal with ponies that are not willing to load on a box - whether that would be advising clients of how to load or whether clients prefer for me to load their horses for them. I offer a service with no pressure for the owner or the horse when it comes to loading, and travelling in a calm, professional manner.

My day usually starts with checking the horsebox for supplies such as hay and water. I ensure the box is roadworthy before jumping in and heading to the first collection of the day; to the clients to collect and deliver ponies from youngsters to racehorses. My day ends with the satisfaction of having happy clients and horses.